Best Technology Business Ideas in Indonesia for 2020

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  • Jul 09, 2020
best business ideas to form in Indonesia expat 2020

Business is an act of dreading to sack some money out of what you are doing.

There are at least 50 business models to form, but many business ideas are actually into technology.

So, in this post we will be talking a lot about business, which may be great for you to ensure your success.

Because many of the richest people on earth got their fortunes from a business principle.

But to be honest, we can’t really make it through the top without so much effort, lend some money from venture capitals, all that sort of stuffs should be arranged.

Indonesia is a developed country according to newly published US. Trade, so you may be wondering is it really okay to found a company and start a business in Indonesia?

Yes it is, because of outgrowing opportunities and the demographic bonus (soon, in 2050 there are more productive people than it is now).

But, what types of business that profoundly seems to gain a profit and last in a long term period?

Business ideas that last in a lifetime period

In Indonesia, such types of business mainly come from oil productions, wood productions, and many more!

Indonesia is rich in natural sources, herbs, and a really diverse multicultural group.

Oil Productions

At least, if you want to be rich and cash flowing out throughout your entire lifetime, you have to invest in oil productions.

Yes, I know, it is kinda expensive, for a new businessman to co-found their own business in this area should have a big connection to many mines and how to extract it.

But, you know, this is the kind of business that has a huge profit margin, though, the tax and many administrative processes are tricky. (The government want to exploit you in case you made a big money one day)

Textile productions

If France has Louis Vitton, then Indonesia has “Sabang to Merauke clothing company”. (the design is really good)

I mean, in some part of urban cities, there lives millions of Indonesian wore an hypebeast, h&m, zara, uniqlo, etc.

There is some business that design clothes individually and sold to them with cheaper and luxurious style compared to those “brands”.

Though ones should have understood that to sell clothes aren’t an easy task, you have to at least got a promotion or have an authority name.

I have made $100 in a month just to sell 12 clothes, my apparel store name is Sainsologi Store. Well, I can easily sold to the buyer because I have founded Sainsologi, a science organization based in Jakarta with 70k followers on Instagram.

Business ideas to increase profit really fast

Okay here you go, this is at least if you want to gain a huge sum of money in a short period of time.

Education or sell your courses

There are many business ideas in education because Indonesia is culturally diverse and the disparity between those who live in a city and a rural sub-urban is really huge.

Take an example of brilliant ideas by Sabda who founded and Belva Devara who founded Ruangguru.

They got their source of income from an education niche company. offers online learning courses, the same with ruangguru.

One year subscription is about ~Rp 300.000 on average ($22), that is fairly small, isn’t it?

But, once again, Indonesia has descended population pyramid, so there are more students than the elderly.


Getting your hands on electronic business is really a great idea, especially in Indonesia. According to data from World Bank, the number of internet users from Indonesia is 18% of the total population.

This is really the part where it gets really interesting. The market capitalization for electronics and other applied housewares are valued at $120 billion USD in 2019 (CNBC), and the number is only going to increase in the following years. So, you, whether as an Indonesian citizen or as an expat, you really could get a bit of shares here.




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