Can You Pay Google to Rank Higher on SERPs?

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  • Mar 11, 2020
Can you pay google to rank higher on search engine results

Everybody wants their site to be ranked, placed on google’s page one. The most remarkable search engine on the internet, Google, can I pay the company to rank my website on their page one?

Google Ads offer a wide range of varieties on the platform. You can choose what posts do you like to be promoted when someone searches the keyword, it will appear on the top of search engine results. The answer is no. You can’t pay Google to be able to stand on their page one’s list. But eventually, so, you can pay Google to promote your website through one of Google subsidiaries, Google Ads.

Let alone you have to be considerate and use marketing strategies in order to do so and succeed.

Let me give you a brief example, if you want to promote your clothing store on google, you have to know the market research for your product in a specific country or open it worldwide.

Google Ads has these features, make sure you know all of them and exploit it in a good way possible.

Google Ads is one of the tech giant products or more like a subsidiary, formerly known as Google AdWords. Also, not to be confused with Google AdSense.

It is the main source of income for the company, but the platform itself is,  really good, aside from the confusing user interface, you could learn all of the features easily and start promoting your blog/website or your products and gain a huge profit.

The huge profitability margin is what makes Google Ads useful. It provides accurate data based on your campaign and on what niche mostly the visitor came.

So, certainly, you can’t pay Google, the tech giant to rank your website higher in Google page one whitelist.

But, fortunately, you can pay for their Google Ads, tho it only lasts for a few days, or months, it can also last forever if you have the money, a million USD is an adequate amount to increase your company’s authorities, it is pricey, but it will last forever!

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The deeds to ensure higher SERP

1. Remain low-profile

What I mean by remaining low-profile is that it can help you to minimize your arrogancy, cause there are tons of competitors, if your post gets on page number one in Google Search Engine, then it is good for you, but this is all you need!

If you are unsure whether backlinks play a major role in the google search engine, then you can read a post on Backlinko Link Building. But let me summarize all of that in one main sentence here. In fact, backlinks are key to increase traffic from search engines, but keep in mind that toxic backlinks will only hurt your rankings! So, stick with white hat link building if you want to play it safe and sound.

3. Create a good post

So, you have created a post and want to submit it to search engines like Google and Bing, but is that enough? Not necessarily, because good posts are the ones that can maintain your rankings for a long period of time. Check out my article on how to create good content for your blog.

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