Does Blogging Still Matters in 2020? The Ultimate Guide

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  • Mar 10, 2020
does blogging still matters in 2020? Ultimate blogging guide

One thing that many people asked me was, “does it ok to start a blog in 2020? I feel like it’s useless since the news will always be page one.”

Basically, it’s true no matter how you look at it, the companies have been using SEO expert to increase their site authority, thus competing on page one would be an easy task.So, blogging, is it dead already?

“So it doesn’t matter anymore?” What I could say is, it’s neither matter or not, blogging is a process.


It’s a process of the long-awaited journey, you want to make an income out of your blog, but it will be hard on the first one or two years.

As aforementioned, the most prominent ways to blog is by just start over, I wouldn’t say that your blog will be on page one, but if you carefully raise step by step, I assure, your blog will not be beaten by ‘companies’.

There are main key factors you can do to raise your ranking whilst continue on what you are doing, blogging.

If you are experienced in content writing and want to start a blog, it will be great!

But if you don’t know anything, rest easy! In this article, I will give any information possible for you to start your own blog.

How To Start a Blog in 2020

You probably heard someone in some websites that said blogging is easy money generator.

Giving those circumstances, you wondered how does blogging pay?

Well, it’s not blogging that pays you.

To put it simply, just remember that, blogging a process of publishing your content to search engines.

If your article gets to page one of search engines, say, maybe google, there will be huge traffic from the people who search their keyword and pointing towards your site.

If there are traffics, then if you register for an Ads Publishing company, they put an ad to your website while, and if the ads get an impression from traffics, it will be ez money.

Thus many people, especially those who are working to be a full-time content writer at their blog consider this preferably job to be very easy.

As I said before, blogging is a process, you can’t get barely any traffics maybe from the first couple of months.

But how to create a new blog in 2020? Check out my content, it is a brief step by step process to create a blog out of blogger or wordpress.

Don’t GIVE UP on blogging

I can see a lot of bloggers give up because it’s a tiring process. They can’t get any money, can’t monetize their website, traffics are so low.

But just don’t give up, your hard work will be paid off, I can assure that, please bear in mind.

Don’t stop in the middle of your own game, don’t pause, or, never quit in the process.

The sluggishness of blogging is just a challenge when your site has already 2 years old or so with about 500+ content, search engines would love to put your blog on their page one.

Thriving to be successful in life from blogging is easy win solution, yeah.

Make it in your ways

You understand the consequences, in order to be placed at page one search engines such as Google and/or Bing, you have to create original content.

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Original content has a higher rate of being page one. The top-notch quality that you create will be read by so many people, giving it opportunities to raise your site authority

It would be great also to understand the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but if you don’t know about SEO, read how to create good articles that google like.

At first, when I start blogging, I don’t have that much knowledge about SEO, I just start writing in my own ways, and that also works for me.

I started to get attention from search engines. I wrote one to three articles a day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, at the time when I started blogging, I’m merely just a teenager, a 15 years old boy.

Imagine how tiring it was when you have school, but at the same time, you want to write articles.

Blogging is not that easy at first, but I can get through it, there are also up and down, but I don’t give up.


Because I’ve written so much articles in ‘my own way’, I’ve read tips about SEO though, but I just ignore it because of it still hard for me to understand when I was still a teenager.

But if you do have some knowledge or skill, it’s great to start a blog and write as many as you want.

You have your own tones, your own style of writing, it is great.

So, I created a blog and wrote many articles, how to get money from my blog?


The (not) only ways to get paid by writing content for your own website is to monetize it.

There are many ads publishing to monetize your blog, but I personally prefer Google AdSense.

You just have to set up your own account and join their publisher network.

Well aside from publisher network, there are many ways to greatly increase your revenue.

You can start to write books, you could start a promotion service on your website, or join as many publisher networks as you can.

Still, you can’t expect new blogs to be ranked higher than old blogs.

How much money does a blog make?

Typically, it is around $4000 a month for a single website that has traffics from high cpc countries, simply, developed countries.

Most bloggers made their $10k in revenue per month or even more from just sitting around your desk, typing something, well.

It seems easy money, ain’t it? Yes it is, but the process to get to the peak is hard.

Be confident and believe that your writing will start to get noticed by Google’s or any other search engines.

As time goes on, you will gain experience, and from that experience, you could share with others, and do more, just hone your skill to perfection.

So, in summary, creating a blog still matters in 2020, it’s just the process that requires hard work and consistency.

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