How I Gain 60k Instagram (IG) Followers Really Fast

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  • Mar 10, 2020
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Instagram traffic has been the dreams of all social media entrepreneurs, once and for all, it is the source of engagement, interaction, and profit.

only in a year, I could gain 60k+ followers. ©private document

I’m still at about ~70k followers now and yet still thriving to gain more and more audiences. But, I never used any tricks, all I’m doing is just posting regularly, be concise and target visitor with hashtags, and share it with the Instagram story.

But to increase traffic is not that easy, you have to thrive your own account into the peak, I mean, you have to fulfil 10k followers at least to be noticed more and more common.

Hugely Gain Instagram ig Followers Fast

As I said before, I never used ads, never doing anything externally. Yeah, to get ig followers, you must pay attention to any details linked to your account. And here is my week’s progress.

Increase Instagram Followers 60k in a Year by Doing This

Could you see that in a week I could gain 780k impressions? And it also constantly rising. It’s mainly because I published posts regularly.

Increase Instagram Followers 60k in a Year by Doing This

However, if you want to be noticed more often, try to at least publish your posts at peak hours. Mine is from 6 pm until 9 pm, It is proven to be valid for bringing more followers.

Increase Instagram Followers 60k in a Year by Doing This

See that huge fluctuation? It is because I don’t put so many hashtags at the time, so the post can never be compared to any of my posts with 50k views. So, put at least 20 hashtags.

Let alone the simplest thing, which is posting, you probably have known that you have to post once a day or at least once a week, but what you have to consider is another thing. Do not tremble when your competitor rise, it is still too early to give up, you could do more in order to achieve boosting instagram followers.

Currently, there are tons of tips shared by social media influencer or entrepreneur how to boost your audiences in Instagram, but they are sharing their own perspective, which is understandable since they are managing on their own, but they didn’t know the common tips that can be applied both influencers and entrepreneurs.

Many people struggling from the lack of interaction on their Instagram account, thus, baiting sponsors would be a painful progression. It’s hard to get sponsors when your account doesn’t need their satisfactory requirements.

Hence, this post will be the ultimate guide to ensure your Instagram gets a lot of traffic, a lot of engagement, and others that you find really exciting soon, stay with me until the end.

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Post interesting photos or videos regularly

Yes, you want your account to be reached by many audiences, right? If you are searching for an account through the Instagram search feature, you will find many posted photos and videos that Instagram thinks would make you interested.

And there is the point, Instagram would recommend your account’s post if you have posted regularly for a long time, you will gain followers in no time! Remember to mesmerize readers with your posts.

By posting regularly within the time frame, you will also stay on time and make a good habit by doing the perpetual activity, you will also become productive from this.

Use hashtags for every posted photos/videos

Hashtags are important because it is detailed and linked to your posts.

So when someone searches for a keyword like dogs and Instagram will offer to follow this keyword with hashtag #dogs, then they will be directed towards posts that have #dogs hashtag.

To ensure you gain more insight to your account, then try at least including 10-20 hashtags when posting photos/videos on Instagram.

Try it, I assure anybody within certain specific queries will be directed to your account’s post, if they see your content is good enough, soon they will follow your account, as well as sharing with their friends.

It helps your business to grow, either you running dogs grooming service, or any other kind, or an influencer that has a cute dog.

Remember to post only quality content that matches Instagram preferences, or meet satisfactory to the audiences.

Share to your Instagram story

By sharing your posts to your instagram story once it is uploaded, followers that aren’t reading the post because it is flooded by many other related posts will then know you have posted something interesting through the Instagram story.

It is also beneficial for long term account insights because now Instagram has an archive, in which you can share again through a collection of stories in the main page account.

Once you shared to your story, followers will also know in 24 hours time frame that you are posting something in case they missed something.

Prior to the instagram story, there are just tons of features to maximize your account into profit, yes it can also be the connecting bridge to your site by swiping up in your story, and then it will be directed to your blog post or even linked to your youtube videos.

Lastly, please DO NOT use bot Instagram followers

You can do that, if you are tempted to increase such a massive follower in an instant, then, buy from trusted sites, there are tons of it. If you use bot instagram followers, Instagram would instantly know that you are just merely a lonely human that seeks for attention.

I know it is hard to get instagram followers, but if you follow my steps through, rest assured, I can guarantee you would be able to succeed rapidly. Mainly because how to get followers on instagram is really hard, but you can do it anyways.

I hope you find this article useful, if so, please do not hesitate to share it with your peers, good luck!

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